Amanda’s Bio

Amanda Oling is a professional and engaging motivational speaker. Her topics consist of goal setting, inspiration, impaired driving prevention, marijuana prevention and decision making. Drawing from her 15 year career in law enforcement, her presentations have been described as attitude changing and life altering by several businesses, schools and organizations.

Amanda has taken training from many great motivational speakers including Tony Robbins and she incorporates much of what she has learned into her presentations.

Her impaired driving presentation draws from an immense personal tragedy in her own life – the loss of her Father to an impaired driver in a stolen vehicle while on his way to work in Alberta’s oilfield – Amanda’s life changing presentations focus on the risks and consequences associated with impaired driving and making the wrong decisions in life.

Amanda has a unique way of captivating and engaging her audiences through an effective blend of humour, hands on demonstrations and dispelling myths. She will make you laugh, cry and want to hear more!

On this side, she is also a professional DJ and her DJ business, Absolute Entertainment, is not only one of the top DJ companies in Grande Prairie, Alberta but is the only DJ company in the area that is solely owned by a female. She is determined, resilient and looks forward to making a difference at your conference, business, safety meeting, school and/or community!


  • Selected as Saskatchewan SADD’s 2016 Provincial Impaired Driving Prevention Awareness Campaign speaker
  • Selected by Manitoba Public Insurance as one of their Friends For Life Speakers for the 2016 & 2017 tours
  • Keynote Speaker at the Canadian Youth Against Impaired Driving National Conference (5 times – 2017 most recent)
  • Keynote Speaker at Student’s Against Drinking and Driving Saskatchewan Provincial Conference – 2015
  • Keynote Speaker at Student’s Against Drinking and Driving Alberta Provincial Conference (4 times – 2016 most recent)
  • Named as one of Student’s Against Drinking and Driving Alberta’s favourite speakers
  • Speaker for the 2017 International ULead Conference for School Administrators
  • Named one of Canada’s top speakers by numerous schools and businesses.
  • Featured on CTV Morning Live
  • The Author of the book “The Impact of One Decision” which is carried Nationally by Chapters, Coles and Indigo Bookstores, online through Kindle and Amazon and Internationally by multiple bookstores across the world.

Thank you! You changed my stubborn mind, truly impacted my view. You saved a life today….mine – student – Alberta High School

I admit that I was cynical when I walked into your session at the International uLead Conference for School Administrators. I thought that if I have seen one impaired driving prevention presentation, I had seen them all. But you proved me wrong within the first few minutes. Your presentation is unique and unlike any I have ever seen in my 35 years of teaching and being a school Principal. It’s raw in its honesty and powerful in its message. I left your session so impacted and inspired that I just knew I had to book you for my school – International uLead Conference Attendee/Alberta School Principal

You save lives and you have changed mine. Thank-you with love. – student – 2016 Manitoba Friends for Life Tour

There were many speakers over the weekend that changed my perspective on distracted and impaired driving. My favourite was Amanda Stuhl-Oling; she was a former Alberta Officer who has become a speaker sharing her experiences with impaired drivers. Her story is what changed my outlook on impaired driving. She talked about an impaired man that ended up killing someone close to her. The way she explained her story made me think, “what if this would have happened to me? How would I go on losing someone so special in my life over a preventable accident?” Amanda talked about the aftermath of the accident about going through her loved one’s belongings, smelling their scent on their clothes, dealing with court and much more. We only think that accidents affect us when it happens, but it definitely affects the people involved and those close to them for a lifetime. – High School student review in Saskatchewan

I’ve been a High School Teacher for 20 years. Your presentation is by far the best impaired driving prevention presentation I have ever seen. It is by far superior and exceptional compared to all others I have seen! – Teacher, Saskatchewan

Thank-you for the amazing presentation. I have received a large number of comments, and I know you have made such a positive impact on our group! – Jim Aarts, Advisor – SSER, Pembina Pipeline Corporation, Drayton Valley Field Office

Thank you Amanda for a very impactful presentation, I would certainly recommend for anyone looking for a presenter to give you a call! – Allan Boutin, Senior Advisor, SSER, Pembina Pipeline Corporation, Whitecourt and Fox Creek Field Offices

Thank you for the presentation, I was deeply touched by it… For you to go through such a terrible experience like that than be able to talk about it in front of lots of people you don’t know takes a lots of courage and strength. Thanks for putting your experience into educating people, and gaining awareness. I know I am not the only one who left thinking about you and your family. Hope you have a great day – Student, Alberta