Awaken The Light Within

Amanda’s newest signature presentation! Amanda offers both a keynote and a workshop under this title and brand. Over the past year, she has taken a lot of training from Tony Robbins and learned his methods. She incorporates many of these methods into her presentation and adds her own unique flair.

How many of us feel like a hamster on a wheel? We churn through each day, just trying to get by and survive this crazy thing we call life. We often take life for granted. But Amanda has a question for you… if you ended up in an emergency room tonight, fighting for your life, not expected to live, would you have regrets about how you lived your life?

Amanda asks this question of her audience because that same scenario happened to her. While on tour, she got so sick with an infection, pneumonia and pancreatitis that doctors didn’t expect her to live through the night. Amanda expertly describes how she rested her elbows on the bedside table in her emergency room, held her head in her hands and cried. For the first time, she realized how much she had taken life for granted. She prayed and begged for a second chance – a chance to go back and really live life.

After leaving the hospital, Amanda swore she would change her life for the better… and she did! Now she wants to share what she discovered with you to help you live a happier, fuller life – one with no regrets.

We were all born with a light within. We had and have dreams, things we wanted to achieve in life. But then life got in the way… work, kids, family, social expectations, other people’s perspectives… and we dimmed our light or hid it completely. Not it’s time to awaken that light within and be the person you were meant to be!

COVID-19 has changed our lives dramatically. It’s put us to the ultimate test. Now is a great time to awaken and rediscover that light with us all, get back on track and live the life we are meant to live… the life of our dreams!

Topics covered included are:

  • Where focus goes, energy flows – how to focus on the right things in order to feel happier and less overwhelm
  • the 4 steps to finding success in life and business
  • A fun way to do goal setting so you have direction for the future
  • how to tap into having absolute certainty
  • how to overcome and bounce back from failure
  • the power of 1%
  • The Rocking Chair Test
  • How to overcome procrastination
  • 4 steps to being more productive (even when you don’t feel like it)
  • and much much more!

This presentation is ready to be offered virtually. Book Amanda today to start changing your life and the life of your staff!

Coming soon… her online home study course!! Stay tuned for details….