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The Impact of One Decision

One of Canada’s Top Impaired Driving Prevention and Decision Making Presentations could be coming to your next conference….

Life is a sequence of one decisions…it’s not only impaired driving, but every decision you make in your life impacts someone else!

Decisions, we make them everyday, from the time we get up in the morning until the time we go to bed at night. But how often do we stop to consider how those decisions affect others?

Consider this scenario – You’re 19 years old and working as a construction worker. You have your whole life ahead of you. Earlier this evening, you headed out for a couple of drinks in a bar, but then ended up partying and drinking in a hotel room for several hours. The occupants of the hotel room just decided to end the party, but you weren’t ready to go. Hotel security has just kicked you out into the parking lot…alone. It’s late October and freezing rain is pouring down. You’re cold and wet and in a miserable mood, all you want to do is go home. You make your way across the street to another hotel – but what’s that? A welding truck left running in the parking lot! You look in and around the vehicle and seeing no one around; you steal the truck and head out of town, you’re home bound! 10 kilometers out of town, you lose control going up a steep hill and skid across the highway. You’re now in the wrong lane and notice a pair of headlights cresting the hill. The alcohol has delayed your coordination – your brain says steer, but your body doesn’t react. You hit the other vehicle head on and both vehicles explode. Next thing you know, ambulance workers are over top of you in a ditch, your skin is severely burned and someone is yelling at you saying that you just killed a man. Then the world goes black.

Later that evening, a young woman (who happens to be a police officer) is sleeping soundly when the doorbell rings. When she reaches the door, her stomach knots up and her heart sinks. On the other side of that door are two Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Officers and victim services. She knows her life will be changed forever…..

This above scenario is not fiction, but a true story. The young woman who was awoken late that night by the RCMP was Amanda Stuhl-Oling. Her life was forever changed after a 19 year old, who had too much to drink, stole a welding truck and lost control on an icy highway, hitting her Dad’s small car head-on at the top of a hill. The impaired driver lived, but Amanda’s father died, burned to death, at the scene. Using her own personal story, Amanda expertly proves how one decision can truly change your life, and the life of several others, in an instant.

 Amanda does not reveal until near the end that it was her Father that was killed that day, which makes this presentation even more unique, shocking and memorable.

Each presentation will do the following for your Conference attendees:

  • Prove to attendees, through use of her real life story, how every decision you make in your life impacts someone else and often impacts people in more ways than you imagine. As Amanda includes her expertise from a 15 year policing career combined with the experience of a victim of impaired driving, the impact of this presentation is enhanced for the audience
  • Leave the audience with a lasting impact because Amanda does not make the impaired driver into a monster or place any blame on him. This allows the audience to relate to both sides and think “what if that was me?”
  • Provide attendees with proof that the excuses of “I’m only hurting myself, what does it matter” and “but this is the way I’ve always done it and nothing has ever happened” are never valid excuses and can lead to fatal consequences.
  • Provide attendees with information and understanding on corporate liability (including corporate insurance liability) and allows attendees to realize how their actions and decisions and the actions and decisions of fellow employees can impact their company as a whole, fellow employees and the community. (Corporate version only) 
  • Give attendees an understanding on what things can cause/influence them to make bad decisions and how to stop themselves from making wrong decisions. Includes providing them with the secret tool of how to make the right decisions at the right time, even when everything seems out of control
  • Give attendees an understanding of and knowledge on how being charged with a Federal Criminal Offence can affect future opportunities for them in life
  • Dispel the myth that you have to be over 0.08 BAC to be charged criminally under Canada’s Criminal Code. Also includes information on Canada’s upcoming proposed laws on Marijuana Legalization (Canadian version only)
  • Provide information and understanding on how alcohol and drugs affect the body and ability to make decisions, operate a vehicle or machinery or do a task safely through a hands on demonstration/simulation with Fatal Vision Alcohol Simulation Goggles and Marijuana Simulation Goggles. Information is also provided on marijuana, the dangers of fentanyl and myths surrounding naloxone.
  • Provides information on Corporate Liability and Corporate Insurance Liability for Safety and Corporate Conferences. Shows how employees decisions can truly affect a company. Also includes information on what should be included in a drug and alcohol safety policy. (Corporate Version Only)
  • By providing an emotional description of the death notification she received that night, Amanda walks the attendees through the emotions felt and actions that take place when you receive a death notification from police when a loved one is killed and the roller coaster of emotions that follows. Amanda does this by thoroughly describing that night the RCMP Officers arrived at her home and stated “Amanda, we know you’re a fellow Officer, so we’re going to get straight to the point. There was an accident, it happened this morning on Highway 22 and your Dad died in the crash.” Amanda describes the numbness she felt, how she was in shock, how she was Daddy’s little girl and how even seeing her uniform in the closet made her angry because she put her life on the line everyday to protect others, yet her own Dad ends up being killed by an impaired driver just 4 hours north of her.
  • Prove to attendees how you never really know how your decisions can impact others, how closely linked that impact can be and who you may share the highway with at any given time. Amanda describes how the impaired driver’s Mom worked for her Aunt (Dad’s sister) in a completely different town several hours away and how the two ladies were good friends. Not only did Amanda’s Aunt lose her brother that day, but a dedicated employee and her best friend. To this day, the two women do not talk.
  • Prove to and leave attendees with the message and understanding of how life is a sequence of one decisions. It’s not only impaired driving, it is every decision you make in your life, such as not using your PPE correctly or when needed, driving while distracted, texting and driving, bullying others, not wearing your seat belt, speeding, not wearing a helmet when on an ATV or bicycle and not believing in yourself or thinking you’re not worth it. Every decision you make in your life impacts someone else.
  • Through use of a moving slideshow tribute, attendees are left with just one question – What are you willing to lose?
  • Leave attendees with inspiration to always make smart decisions in life and be the one to stand up and make a difference.

That was the best and most impactful presentation I have ever seen at a Conference. Hope to see you back next year!” Safety Services Nova Scotia Conference Attendee

Wow, amazing presentation! Can’t wait to have you speak to our employees!” – Safety Services Nova Scotia Conference Attendee

I’ve been a teacher for 17 years and coming to convention for 17 years and that was by far the best and most impactful presentation I have ever seen at a convention!” – Alberta Northeast Teachers’ Convention (NETCA) 2018 Attendee

This presentation needs to be repeated again next year! Amanda is so inspirational, amazing and moving…thank you!!” – Alberta Northeast Teachers’ Convention (NETCA) 2018 Attendee

Wow – every school, business, community needs to see this presentation – so amazing, impactful and inspirational. You have inspired me greatly today!” – International ULead 2017 Conference Attendee

“I’ll admit, I was cynical when I walked into your session at the International uLead Conference because I thought that if you’ve seen one impaired driving prevention presentation, you’ve seen them all. But you proved me wrong within the first few minutes. Your presentation is unique and unlike anything I have seen in my 35 years of teaching. I left so impacted and inspired that I just knew I had to get you into my school. Every business, conference, school, association, everyone needs to hear and see this presentation.” – International uLead Conference attendee

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