The Courage To Believe

Do you ever feel like there is something more in life or a dream you want to follow, but are too afraid of what others might think or to step out of your comfort zone? What if you truly had to live every day like you were dying, would you want to go back and change things? If you ended up in an emergency room tomorrow fighting for your life, would you have regrets? In 2014, after leaving her policing career, Amanda found herself lost, broken and lacking self confidence. But everything changed in 2017 when Amanda found herself in an emergency room not once, not twice, but four times in 10 months, so sick that doctors didn’t think she would make the night. But that 10 months of misery led her on a remarkable journey of faith, self discovery and inspiration that she will pass onto you in this session. Come hear Amanda’s story of resilience, determination, faith, refusal to give up and learning to trust in a higher power.