We’re So Lucky To Have Someone Like You Come To Our School – Vincent Massey

As a teacher, I know at risk students that needed to hear your story were moved today. You are an inspiration!

Your story moved me in ways I cannot explain. My family shares a similar story to yours and I’m thankful that you are sharing your story.

Absolutely amazing! Thank-you for being so brave!

Thank-you for sharing your story, you inspire me to keep sober.

We are so lucky someone like you had to overcome this problem because we are grateful for the awareness. So lucky to have someone like you come to our school!

I am very sorry for your loss. Please inspire other teens not to drink and drive like you’ve inspired me.

Thank-you so much for not only being an inspiration but a hope that we can rise above even the most horrendous of events.

I know how hard this is but remember how many lives you’re saving. This changed mine forever!

Thank-you so much for sharing your story. It was inspiring and truly heartwarming to see with my eyes how brave and strong someone could be to make it through such a tough time.

Please continue to do what you’re doing!

Keep inspiring and teaching others what one choice can make. So much respect for you!