Encouraged Our School To Make Better Decisions! – Sturgeon Heights

Your story was very strong and hit home for many of my friends and myself. Stay strong and all the best to you.

If you ever feel as if no one listens or cares about your story, just know you did impact all around you. It’s good to have reminders, we need the reminders. Thank-you for being so strong to share your story.

You saved a life today…mine

Stay strong and keep doing presentation about this because the world needs you, gonna support you forever. I appreciate what you are willing to give to this world.

You are so strong, powerful and incredibly inspirational!

You’re so brave to share your story, never stop!

You are truly an inspiration to all of us. I admire your courage.

Your bravery to share something so personal will have saved at least one life. A single life saved is a single life gained!

This presentation is super inspiring and a great eye opener!

Thank-you for making me want to make a difference!