Thank-you for the very powerful and moving presentation! Please, keep telling your story and presenting as you are changing lives. We here at Langenburg Central School stand right behind you, cheering you on and supporting you all the way! – teacher, Langenburg Central School, Saskatchewan

We are cheering you on and supporting you!

Thank-you for sharing your very powerful story with the staff and students of our school. The impact that your words, kindness and attitude have had on our students is more than you’ll ever know. Your story is one that kids and adults alike can really connect to, and your natural speaking […]

The impact you had on our students is more than ...

Your story has inspired us all, thank-you! – student, Langenburg Central School, Saskatchewan Wow Amanda! Thank-you for being so brave to share your story with our students at LCS!! 🙂  Blessings to you and your family! – EA, Langenburg Central School Thank-you for sharing your story! – Langenburg Lioness Club

You inspired us all!

You are a gift to schools, communities, organizations everywhere. For you to be able to tell your story in such a way that people can relate. Everyone needs to hear your story and see your presentation! – Conference Attendee, 2017 International uLead Conference

You Are A Gift

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for coming to Fox Lake (Little Red River Cree Nation) yesterday. I shamefully admit I had a hard time approaching you after the talk for fear of bursting into tears in front of my students. Your talk was extremely powerful, moving […]

An incredible role model

“Sorry for what you & your family endured. I understand all too well what you have gone through. My heart goes with you always. Now you have a new brother that stands with you forever.” “Thank-you so much for sharing your emotional story with our community. Wishing you the strength […]

Thank-you from Little Red River Cree Nation